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Affordable Computer Repair Glendale
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 15 reviews
by Rashad N. Crosby on Affordable Computer Repair Glendale
The Services I've Been Looking For

I appreciate a commitment when I notice it. That's why I gladly leave my positive feedback about you here. You are very good at what you're doing, and that includes Macbook services, which is perfectly suited for my needs. You have the right technicians for the job. Thank you for your dedication. I will offer your services to other people in need.

by Lori M. Mullen on Affordable Computer Repair Glendale
You Did the Impossible

It was hard for me to believe that after those clicking sounds, the data on my hard drive would be retrievable. Fortunately, I'm dealing with skilled professionals here. You data recovery service was perfect and I have faith in humanity once more. Thank you very much for your efforts and for the successful data recovery. I will recommend your services.

by Tyrone E. Larry on Affordable Computer Repair Glendale
You Took Care of My Precious Data

I know that malfunctioning hardware is not necessarily a death sentence when it comes to data. Yet, I was feeling anxious about the data recovery process until a friend of mine recommended your company. You did what you can do best and the end result is almost everything restored, with my precious files being intact. Excellent work!

by Esther N. Gilbertson on Affordable Computer Repair Glendale
Great Job by Great Specialists

I've been abusing my PC quite a lot. I played all the latest games on high graphic settings, I've been staying nights up, running the rig, and the day of reckoning came, with the hard drive almost dead. The raid recovery that you did works wonders. Now I have all the necessary data back for the successor of the old machine.

by Robert L. McFadden on Affordable Computer Repair Glendale
Perfect Data Recovery

You did a fantastic job of recovering my data. Years ago, I was skeptical about computer data recovery as a whole. I was creating backups all the time, with everything stored. Before long, I was unable to catch up, and one accident left me with lost files. You retrieved them successfully. Thank you! I will recommend your company.

by Jackson Mendez on Affordable Computer Repair Glendale

The computer data recovery service was excellent. They managed to restore all my files and were extremely helpful because I had all my photos there. I couldn’t bear the fact that I’d lose all my memories, and this is why I contacted this company. Thanks a lot!

by Antonia Yates on Affordable Computer Repair Glendale

I contacted this place for a computer data recovery. They were friendly and did everything just right. I had many baby photos of my daughter and wanted to get them back. Thanks a lot for the service, they are reliable and nice! Aside from the fact that they were extremely professional throughout the service, they were affordable as well! Couldn’t be happier with the end result provided by these technicians.

by Merle Castillo on Affordable Computer Repair Glendale
So happy.

I had hard drives connected on a raid, and I recently lost my files. I was completely miserable. However, I contacted this company for a raid recovery and they were prompt, friendly, and professional. They said they will bring back the files and they actually did!

by Tami Tate on Affordable Computer Repair Glendale

I was a little depressed when my laptop died on me. It had everything on there, including the projects I’d been working on for so long. I had a bunch of photos too. I didn’t know where to start but I needed a professional data recovery service. This is why I contacted this place and everything went better than I expected! The photos and other files are back!

by Tiffany Lloyd on Affordable Computer Repair Glendale
Thank you!

My MacBook crashed and I pretty much freaked out. I thought I was in big trouble because I wanted my pictures back from the last 3 years. I got quotes from many places but decided to go with this one because they were the ones I trusted most. Thanks for the Macbook services!

by Sherrie M. Ottinger on Affordable Computer Repair Glendale
Thank you!

The technician who was dealing with our problem was very professional and knowledgable. He resolved the issue with our MacBook Pro very quickly. He gave us tips for improvements. I will be very glad to use his services again! Also, we used their computer data recovery services recently and must say – everything was perfect again!

by Gary V. Wright on Affordable Computer Repair Glendale
Keep up the good work!

Excellent service. I had pretty much given up on my data & it appears I have 100% recovery. It was done within the quoted time and I am very glad about the results. Even for raid recovery, you can rely on these professionals to get the job done right and in a timely manner!

by Douglas D. Gillian on Affordable Computer Repair Glendale
Highly recommend!

Excellent service. Friendly staff. I have no reservations on recommending them for data recovery service. In my case, it appears to have been 100% effective. I am very happy with the service and the experience! Keep up the good work, guys!

by Joyce N. Ketter on Affordable Computer Repair Glendale
Great professionals!

Our technician was very helpful and kept to his word. He said if there was no data recovery for the dates we needed, there would be no charge. He recovered our dates and was very diligent in his efforts. I am happy I found this company and used its data recovery services. True professionals!

by Patricia M. Bryant on Affordable Computer Repair Glendale
Reliable company!

Fantastic MacBook services! These technicians managed to fix my computer very quickly and at a very reasonable price! Explained to me what the problem was and how they could fix it. It was a great experience and I highly recommend them!

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